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Effect of prestimulus SMR amplitude on BCI performance
Cecilia Maeder, Claudia Sannelli, Stefan Haufe, Steven Lemm and Benjamin Blankertz
In: TOBI Workshop 2010: Integrating Brain-Computer Interfaces with Conventional Assistive Technology, 2-6 Feb 2010, Graz, Austria.


Recently, several studies investigated the ongoing brain oscillations preceding the presentation of a stimulus in perception as well as motor and cognitive paradigms. In particular, the amplitude in the alpha frequency band is often correlated with performance. On the other hand, Dickhaus et al [1] developed an SMR-predictor, which shows a positive correlation of the sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) amplitude in a rest condition with BCI feedback performance. Here, we study the influence of prestimulus SMR on timing and strength of motor imagery induced SMR modulations with the aim to develop an SMR-state-dependent BCI.

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