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Event-Related Potentials preceding Emergency Braking Situations during Simulated Driving
Stefan Haufe, Matthias Treder, Max Sagebaum, Manfred Gugler, Arne Ewald, Gabriel Curio and Benjamin Blankertz
In: TOBI Workshop 2010: Integrating Brain-Computer Interfaces with Conventional Assistive Technology, 03-04 Feb 2010, Graz, Austria.


Mental state monitoring is of particular interest in safety-critical applications such as emergency braking situations during driving, where human performance is often limited due to inattentiveness, slow cognitive processing, motor inabilities or simply hesitation. The aim of the present study was to identify typical electrophysiological and behavioural markers already occurring prior to an emergency braking situation. These results might be important for driver assistance technologies which may be able to optimize reaction times in crucial situations based on the driver's mental states.

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