PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Recognizing Indoor Scenes
Ariadna Quattoni and Antonio Torralba
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2009.


Indoor scene recognition is a challenging open problem in high level vision. Most scene recognition models that work well for outdoor scenes perform poorly in the indoor domain. The main difficulty is that while some indoor scenes (e.g. corridors) can be well characterized by global spatial properties, others (e.g, bookstores) are better characterized by the objects they contain. More generally, to address the indoor scenes recognition problem we need a model that can exploit local and global discriminative information. In this paper we propose a prototype based model that can successfully combine both sources of information. To test our approach we created a dataset of 67 indoor scenes categories (the largest available) covering a wide range of domains. The results show that our approach can significantly outperform a state of the art classifier for the task.

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