PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

An Inductive Database System Based on Virtual Mining Views
Hendrik Blockeel, Toon Calders, Elisa Fromont, Bart Goethals, Adriana Prado and Céline Robardet
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Volume 24, Number 1, pp. 247-287, 2011.


Inductive databases integrate database querying with database mining. In this article, we present an inductive database system that does not rely on a new data mining query language, but on plain SQL. We propose an intuitive and elegant framework based on virtual mining views, which are relational tables that virtually contain the complete output of data mining algorithms executed over a given datatable. We show that several types of patterns and models that are implicitly present in the data, such as itemsets, association rules, and decision trees, can be represented and queried with SQL using a unifying framework. As a proof of concept, we illustrate a complete data mining scenario with SQL queries over the mining views, which is executed in our system.

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