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Tailored graph ensembles as proxies or null models for real networks I: tools for quantifying structure
Alessia Annibale, Anthony (Ton) C C Coolen, Luis Fernandes, Franca Fraternali and Jens Kleinjung
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Volume 42, 485001, 2009.


We study the tailoring of structured random graph ensembles to real networks, with the objective of generating precise and practical mathematical tools for quantifying and comparing network topologies macroscopically, beyond the level of degree statistics. Our family of ensembles can produce graphs with any prescribed degree distribution and any degree-degree correlation function, its control parameters can be calculated fully analytically, and as a result we can calculate (asymptotically) formulae for entropies and complexities, and for information-theoretic distances between networks, expressed directly and explicitly in terms of their measured degree distribution and degree correlations.

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