PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Learning inclusion-optimal chordal graphs
Vincent Auvray and Louis Wehenkel
In: UAI 2008, 10 July - 12 July 2008, Helsinki.


Chordal graphs can be used to encode dependency models that are representable by both directed acyclic and undirected graphs. This paper discusses a very simple and efficient algorithm to learn the chordal structure of a probabilistic model from data. The algorithm is a greedy hillclimbing search algorithm that uses the inclusion boundary neighborhood over chordal graphs. In the limit of a large sample size and under appropriate hypotheses on the scoring criterion, we prove that the algorithm will find a structure that is inclusion-optimal when the dependency model of the data-generating distribution can be represented exactly by an undirected graph. The algorithm is evaluated on simulated datasets.

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