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Algorithms for generating convex sets in acyclic digraphs
P. Balister, S. Gerke, Gregory Gutin, A. Johnstone, J. Reddington, E. Scott, A. Soleimanfallah and A. Yeo
Discrete Algorithms 2008.


A set $X$ of vertices of an acyclic digraph $D$ is convex if $X\neq \emptyset$ and there is no directed path between vertices of $X$ which contains a vertex not in $X$. A set $X$ is connected if $X\neq \emptyset$ and the underlying undirected graph of the subgraph of $D$ induced by $X$ is connected. Connected convex sets and convex sets of acyclic digraphs are of interest in the area of modern embedded processor technology. We construct an algorithm $\cal A$ for enumeration of all connected convex sets of an acyclic digraph $D$ of order $n$. The time complexity of $\cal A$ is $O(n\cdot cc(D))$, where $cc(D)$ is the number of connected convex sets in $D$. We also give an optimal algorithm for enumeration of all (not just connected) convex sets of an acyclic digraph $D$ of order $n$. In computational experiments we demonstrate that our algorithms outperform the best algorithms in the literature.

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