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Stane: Synthesized Surfaces for Tactile Input
Roderick Murray-Smith, John Williamson, Stephen Hughes and Torben Quaade
In: In: Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI 2008., April 2008, Florence, Italy.


Stane is a hand-held interaction device controlled by tactile input: scratching or rubbing textured surfaces and tapping. The system has a range of sensors, including contact microphones, capacitive sensing and inertial sensing, and provides audio and vibrotactile feedback. The surface textures vary around the device, providing perceivably different textures to the user.We demonstrate that the vibration signals generated by stroking and scratching these surfaces can be reliably classified, and can be used as a very cheaply manufacturable way to control different aspects of interaction. The system is demonstrated as a control for a music player.

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Subjects:Multimodal Integration
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