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JASPAR, the open access database of transcription factor-binding profiles: new content and tools in the 2008 update
J Bryne, E Valen, M Tang, T Marstrand, O Winther, I da Piedade, A Krogh, B Lenhard and A Sandelin
Nucleic Acids Research Volume 35, D102-D106, 2008.


JASPAR is a popular open-access database for matrix models describing DNA-binding preferences for transcription factors and other DNA patterns. With its third major release, JASPAR has been expanded and equipped with additional functions aimed at both casual and power users. The heart of the JASPAR databasethe JASPAR CORE sub-databasehas increased by 12 in size, and three new specialized sub-databases have been added. New functions include clustering of matrix models by similarity, generation of random matrices by sampling from selected sets of existing models and a language-independent Web Service applications programming interface for matrix retrieval. JASPAR is available at

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