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Developing chemometrics with the tools of information sciences (CHESS) – MASIT23
Olli Simula, Francesco Corona, Amaury Lendasse, Marja-Liisa Riekkola, Kari Hartonen, Pentti Minkkinen, Satu-Pia Reinikainen, Jarno Kohonen, Ilppo Vuorinen, Jari Hänninen and Jukka Silén
In: MASI Programme 2005–2009,Yearbook 2008 and workshop, 2008, Finland.


In the CHESS project, novel algorithms and variations of existing algorithms are developed for process data analysis, visualization, and monitoring. The algorithms are implemented in a variety of industrial applications under five test cases, including oil production, food production, process monitoring, plastics production, and environmental analysis and forecasting. In the first phase of CHESS, data sets from industrial partners were analyzed. Based on this study, the research partners have created a set of general-purpose information science tools. The emphasis is on real-time implementation of the methods in practical industrial environment. The final implementation of the methods and algorithms in products will be further developed by the small partner companies of CHESS.

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