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Edge fault-diameter of Cartesian graph bundles
Janez Žerovnik, Iztok Banič and Rija Erveš
In: Seventh Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization, 13-15 May 2008, Italy.


We generalize the result of for two factors to Cartesian graph bundles. As a k-edge connected graph remains connected if up to k−1 edges are missing, we study the diameter of a graph with any permitted number of edges deleted. We show that the edge-connectivity of Cartesian graph bundle G with fibre F over the base graph B, is at least kF + kB, and we give an upper bound for the edge fault-diameter of Cartesian graph bundles in terms of edge fault-diameters of the fibre and the base graph. We also show that the bounds are tight.

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