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Robust Bio-regenerative Life Support Systems Control
Jordi Duatis, Cecilio Angulo, Vicenç Puig and Pedro Ponsa
In: Robust Intelligent Systems (2008) Springer , London, UK , pp. 273-295. ISBN 978-1-84800-260-9


Recent developments in the international space community have shown that there is an increasing interest in the human exploration of outer space. In particular, the objective of sending a manned mission to Mars by 2030 has been settled. The feasibility of such a mission will require “life support systems” (LSSs) able to provide vital elements to the exploration crew in an autonomous, self-sustained manner, as resupply from Earth will not be possible. Bio-regenerative life support systems (BLSSs) are considered to be the LSS technology alternatives that can meet this demand. Developing effective BLSSs is a challenge for the control community because of the high degree of automation, indeterminism, non-linearity, and instability in such systems. This chapter proposes to provide “robustness” to the system for tasks such as distributed control, intelligent control, fault detection and identification, or high-level planning and supervision.

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