PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Iterative Subgraph Mining for Principal Component Analysis
Hiroto Saigo and Koji Tsuda
In: 8th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 15-19 Dec 2008, Pisa, Italy.


Graph mining methods enumerate frequent subgraphs efficiently, but they are not necessarily good features for machine learning due to high correlation among features. Thus it makes sense to perform principal component analysis to reduce the dimensionality and create decorrelated features. We present a novel iterative mining algorithm that captures informative patterns corresponding to major entries of top principal components. It repeatedly calls weighted substructure mining where example weights are updated in each iteration. The Lanczos algorithm, a standard algorithm of eigendecomposition, is employed to update the weights. In experiments, our patterns are shown to approximate the principal components obtained by frequent mining.

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