PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Automatic Face Naming with Caption-based Supervision
Matthieu Guillaumin, Thomas Mensink, Jakob Verbeek and Cordelia Schmid
In: CVPR(2008).


We consider two scenarios of naming people in databases of news photos with captions: (i) finding faces of a single person, and (ii) assigning names to all faces. We combine an initial text-based step, that restricts the name assigned to a face to the set of names appearing in the caption, with a second step that analyzes visual features of faces. By searching for groups of highly similar faces that can be associated with a name, the results of purely text-based search can be greatly ameliorated. We improve a recent graph-based approach, in which nodes correspond to faces and edges connect highly similar faces. We introduce constraints when optimizing the objective function, and propose improvements in the low-level methods used to construct the graphs. Furthermore, we generalize the graph-based approach to face naming in the full data set. In this multi-person naming case the optimization quickly becomes computationally demanding, and we present an important speed-up using graph-flows to compute the optimal name assignments in documents. Generative models have previously been proposed to solve the multi-person naming task. We compare the generative and graph-based methods in both scenarios, and find significantly better performance using the graph-based methods in both cases.

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Subjects:Machine Vision
Multimodal Integration
Information Retrieval & Textual Information Access
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Deposited By:Jakob Verbeek
Deposited On:28 November 2008