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How are N and S in deposition, in percolation water and in the upper soil layers reflected in the chemical composition of needles in Finland?
Päivi Merilä, John Derome, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Mika Sulkava, Jaakko Hollmen, Kaisa Mustajärvi and Pekka Nöjd
In: Proceedings of the Scientific Seminar on Forest Condition Monitoring and Ecosystem Functioning in Northern Europe under the Forest Focus and ICP Forests programmes Working papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute , 74 . (2007) Finnish Forest Research Centre , pp. 39-42. ISBN 978-951-40-2088-9


The impact of atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulphur on forest ecosystems is the main focus of the ICP Forests/Forest Focus monitoring programme. On the other hand, both of these elements are essential macronutrients the availability of which strongly regulates plant growth. The monitoring of foliar chemistry is one of the central activities of the programme because it has proved to be a useful and practical tool for diagnosing the nutrient status of the trees and to monitor the large-scale effects of atmospheric deposition on forest ecosystems. In principle, chemical analysis of the soil reflects the potential availability of nutrients, while plant analysis indicates the actual nutrient status of the plants (Marschner 1995). The aim of this study is to investigate how the concentrations of sulphur and nitrogen in the nutrient sources of plants, i.e. in deposition, in percolation water and in the upper soil layers, are reflected in the nutrient status of Scots pine and Norway spruce in Finland.

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