PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Algebraic stability indicators for ranked lists in molecular profiling.
giuseppe jurman, stefano merler, annalisa barla, antonio galea and cesare furlanello
bioinformatics Volume 2, Number 24, pp. 258-264, 2008.


We propose a method for studying the stability of biomarker lists obtained from functional genomics studies. It is common to adopt resampling methods to tune and evaluate marker-based diagnostic and prognostic systems in order to prevent selection bias. Such caution promotes honest estimation of class prediction, but leads to alternative sets of solutions. In microarray studies, the difference in lists may be bewildering, also due to the presence of modules of functionally related genes. Methods for assessing stability understand the dependency of the markers on the data or on the predictor's type and help selecting solutions.

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