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Generalised Linear Pose Estimation
Andreas Ess, Alexander Neubeck and Luc Van Gool
In: British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC '07), 10-13 September 2007, Warwick, UK.


This paper investigates several aspects of 3D-2D camera pose estimation, aimed at robot navigation in poorly-textured scenes. The major contribution is a fast, linear algorithm for the general case with six or more points. We show how to specialise this to work with only four or five points, which is of utmost importance in a test and hypothesis framework. Our formulation allows for an easy inclusion of lines, as well as the handling of other camera geometries, such as stereo rigs. We also treat the special case of planar motion, a valid restriction for most indoor environments. We conclude the paper with extensive simulated tests and a real test case, which substantiate the algorithm's usability for our application domain.

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