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ARTUS: synthesis and audiovisual watermarking of the movements of a virtual agent interpreting subtitling using cued speech for deaf televiewers
Gérard Bailly, Cléo Baras, Patrick Bas, Séverine Baudry, Denis Beautemps, Rémi Brun, Jean-Marc Chassery, Franck Davoine, Frédéric Eliséi, G. Gibert, Laurent Girin, Denis Grison, J.-P. Leoni, Joel Lienard, Nicolas Moreau and Philippe Nguyen
AMSE - Advances in Modelling Volume 67, pp. 177-187, 2007.


The ARTUS project provides deaf televiewers with an alternative substitute for subtitles using Cued Speech: an animated agent can be superimposed - on demand and at the reception - to the original broadcast. The hand and face gestures of the agent are generated automatically by a text-to-cued speech synthesizer and watermarked in the broadcasted audiovisual signals. We describe here the technological blocks of our demonstrator. First evaluation of the complete system by end-users is presented.

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Subjects:User Modelling for Computer Human Interaction
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