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Inferring transcriptional module networks from ChIP-chip-, motif- and microarray data
Karen Lemmens, Thomas Dhollander, Tijl De Bie, Pieter Monsieurs, Kristof Engelen, Joris Winderickx, Bart De Moor and Kathleen Marchal
Genome Biology Volume 7, Number R37, 2006.


'ReMoDiscovery' is an intuitive algorithm to correlate regulatory programs with regulators and corresponding motifs to a set of co-expressed genes. It exploits in a concurrent way three independent data sources: ChIP-chip data, motif information and gene expression profiles. When compared to published module discovery algorithms, ReMoDiscovery is fast and easily tunable. We evaluated our method on yeast data, where it was shown to generate biologically meaningful findings and allowed the prediction of potential novel roles of transcriptional regulators.

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