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Indexing Confusion Networks for Morph-based Spoken Document Retrieval
Ville Turunen and Mikko Kurimo
In: SIGIR 2007, 23-27 July 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


In this paper, we investigate methods for improving the performance of morph-based spoken document retrieval in Finnish by extracting relevant index terms from confusion networks. Our approach uses morpheme-like subword units (“morphs”) for recognition and indexing. This alleviates the problem of out-of-vocabulary words, especially with inflectional languages like Finnish. Confusion networks offer a convenient representation of alternative recognition candidates by aligning mutually exclusive terms and by giving the posterior probability of each term. The rank of the competing terms and their posterior probability is used to estimate term frequency for indexing. Comparing against 1- best recognizer transcripts, we show that retrieval effectiveness is significantly improved. Finally, the effect of pruning in recognition is analyzed, showing that when recognition speed is increased, the reduction in retrieval performance due to the increase in the 1-best error rate can be compensated by using confusion networks.

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