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Eye localization: a survey
Paola Campadelli, Raffaella Lanzarotti and Giuseppe Lipori
In: The Fundamentals of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication and the Biometrical Issue NATO Science Series , 18 . (2007) IOS Press , Amsterdam , pp. 234-245. ISBN 978-1-58603-733-8


In this survey we first discuss the importance of eye localization as the initialization step for many face processing techniques, then we further show the influence of the localization precision on the rate achieved by some baseline face recognition techniques. To do so, we give the definition of the objective error measures already known in literature. A brief review of some state-of-the-art eye localization methods is subsequently given, focusing on those articles that tackle the problem of precise localization and that use some objective criterion for performance evaluation. Finally their localization results are compared on a number of different datasets.

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