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Dynamic Path Planning for a 7-DOF Robot Arm
Stefan Klanke, Dimitry Lebedev, Robert Haschke, Jochen Steil and Helge Ritter
In: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 9-15 Oct 2006, Beijing, China.


We present an on-line, robust, and efficient path planner for the redundant Mitsubishi PA-10 arm with 7 degrees of freedom (DOF) in non-stationary environments. Because of the specific kinematic model of the arm, path planning can be first reduced to a redundant 6-DOF problem in a 5D configuration space, which can be further decomposed into two problems: (i) 3D position planning in Cartesian space and (ii) planning in a 3D space composed of two orientation angles and an explicit parameterization of the arms redundancy. Position and orientation planning are interweaving and performed “on-thefly” without explicit global knowledge of the environment using two instances of the dynamic wave expansion neural network (DWENN), an effective method for path generation in arbitrarily changing environments. The dynamic and explorative nature of the DWENN algorithm allows to treat stationary and dynamic obstacles in a unified manner. Through a number of simulative tests, we show that the planner is capable of reaching both a satisfactory robustness level and real-time performance, as required by many practical applications.

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