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Abstracts of the 6th Slovenian International Conference on Graph Theory
Tomaž Pisanski, Marko Boben, Boris Horvat, Primož Lukšic and Alen Orbanic, ed. (2007) DMFA - založništvo , Ljubljana, Slovenia . ISBN 1 9612121 98 3


The sixth Slovenian International Conference in Graph Theory represents a milestone in the history of Slovenian mathematics. This is by far the largest gathering of the world’s leading mathematicians in the area of discrete mathematics on our soil. This booklet contains a total of 187 abstracts from our conference including the 12 abstracts from the Pascal Workshop. Our conference has 15 invited speakers, 14 minisymposia, a general session and a poster session. Minisymposia, which are introduced for the first time, allow concentrations of researchers with similar interests.

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