PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Novelle, a collaborative open source writing tool software
Federico Gobbo, Michele Chinosi and Massimiliano Pepe
In: NEW TEXT in the 11th conference of EACL 2006, 3-7 Apr 2006, Trento, Italy.


In this paper we discuss the notions of hypertext, blog, wiki and cognitive mapping in order to find a solution to the main problems of processing text data stored in these forms. We propose the structure and architecture of Novelle as a new environment to compose texts. Its flexible model allows the collaboration for contents and a detailed description of ownership. Data are stored in a XML repository, so as to use the capabilities of this language. To develop quickly and efficiently we choose AJAX technology over the Ruby on Rails framework.

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Subjects:User Modelling for Computer Human Interaction
Natural Language Processing
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