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Unified characterization of symmetric dependencies with lattices.
Jaume Baixeries and José Balcázar
In: Fourth International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA'06), February 13-17, 2006, Dresden, Germany.


Symmetric dependencies are a family of formal systems, endowed with semantics, notions of entailment, and corresponding inference processes, characterized by a specific set of deduction rules. These formal systems are Multivalued Dependencies (MVD's), Degenerate MultiValued Dependencies (DMVD's), and MVD-clauses; MVD's are relevant to the notion of 4th normal form in the relational database model, whereas the others are natural variations of MVD's. Previous results have explained how to characterize all these three forms of symmetric dependencies with lattices, albeit through ad-hoc constructions. The purpose of this paper is to present a common characterization for all these kinds of dependencies, providing the same framework for all of them, and extending the generalization to the construction of Armstrong relations.

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