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Pascal Workshop, Complex Objects Visualization 2005 - COV2005, Proceedings
Tomaž Pisanski, Boris Horvat, Janez Žerovnik, Dunja Mladenić, Marko Grobelnik, Tina Anžič and Smiljana Škvarč
(2006) Jožef Stefan Institute , Ljubljana, Slovenija . ISBN 9 616303 84 8


Pascal workshop on Complex Object Visualization COV-2005 brought together a group of researchers from various branches of Mathematics and Computer Science focused around a common theme that arises in a variety of contexts, namely visualization of complex objects. The workshop consists of two tutorials covering Representation of Graphs and Text visualizations, four invited talks, a number of contributed papers and two round table discussions. Presentations delivered in this workshop cover many aspects of scientific visualization, such as visualization of cost landscapes (computer science), visualization of time related data (economics), visualization of text document corpus (applied linguistics), molecular graphs (chemistry), point sets (computational geometry), DNA, proteomic maps, genomic repeat visualization (biosciences), social network visualization (social sciences), graph representations and visualization using their product structure (discrete mathematics), visualization of Cauchy's interlacing property (linear algebra) and self-adapting architecture (architecture). A special emphasis was put on the gender issues in science. The workshop included an invited talk on gender issues in user interfaces, a presentation on Women in Science in Slovenia, the new Member State and a round table on gender issues. This book of presentations combined with the video-recorded internet lectures provides the necessary information for the interested researcher to recreate the workshop COV-2005 at will.

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