PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Rapid interactive modelling from video with graph cuts
Anton Hengel, Anthony Dick, Thorsten Thormahlen, Ben Ward and Philip Torr
In: Eurographics 2006, 4-8 Sept 2006, Vienna, Austria.


We present a method for generating a parameterised model of a scene from a set of images. The method is novel in that it uses information from several sources video, sparse 3D points and user input to fit models to a scene. The user drives the process by providing selected high-level scene information, for instance selecting an object in the scene, or specifying the relationship between a pair of objects. The system combines this information with image and 3D data to dynamically update its model of the scene. In doing so it avoids common pitfalls of both automatic structure and motion algorithms, and image-based modelling packages.

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