PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Language Models for Detection of Unknown Attacks in Network Traffic
Konrad Rieck and Pavel Laskov
Journal in Computer Virology Volume 2, pp. 243-256, 2007.


In this paper we propose a method for network intrusion detection based on language models. Our method proceeds by extracting language features such as n-grams and words from connection payloads and applying unsupervised anomaly detection - without prior learning phase or presence of labeled data. The essential part of this procedure is linear-time computation of similarity measures between language models of connection payloads. Particular patterns in these models decisive for differentiation of attacks and normal data can be traced back to attack semantics and utilized for automatic generation of attack signatures. Results of experiments conducted on two datasets of network traffic demonstrate the importance of higher-order n-grams and variable-length language models for detection of unknown network attacks. An implementation of our system achieved detection accuracy of over 80% with no false positives on instances of recent remote-to-local attacks in HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic.

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