PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Local multidimensional scaling
Jarkko Venna and Samuel Kaski
Neural Networks Volume 19, pp. 889-899, 2006.


In a visualization task, every nonlinear projection method needs to make a compromise between trustworthiness and continuity. In a trustworthy projection the visualized proximities hold in the original data as well, whereas a continuous projection visualizes all proximities of the original data. We show experimentally that one of the multidimensional scaling methods, curvilinear components analysis, is good at maximizing trustworthiness. We then extend it to focus on local proximities both in the input and output space, and to explicitly make a user-tunable parameterized compromise between trustworthiness and continuity. The new method compares favorably to alternative nonlinear projection methods.

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