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An algorithm for a real vehicle routing problem with time constraints
Blaž Zmazek
WSEAS transactions on mathematics Volume 5, Number 9, pp. 1027-1034, 2006. ISSN 1109-2769


The routing problem has been widely studied in the literature, mainly because of the real world logistics and transportation problems related to it. In the paper, new instance of VRP problem capacitated VRP with time windows and multiple trips within working day (CVRPTWMT), which arising from the real-world routing applications is given. A new approach for solving a real problem is shown and an algorithm which consists of a direct approach and an optimization method is given. In the algorithm feasible routes are generated by a direct approach and optimized by a local optimization method. The best feasible routes in the first stage of algorithm are determined by one meatheuristic method. Based on the algorithm, an interactive decision support system was developed and tested on the real instances. The proposed algorithm can be us ed to study the inf1uences of the combinations of on-board storage capacity, SIR machine operation modes and dwell points and determine the best combination.

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