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Feature Extraction: Foundations and Applications
Isabelle Guyon, Steve Gunn, Masoud Nikravesh and Lofti Zadeh, ed. (2006) Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing . Springer Verlag , Germany . ISBN 3540354875


This book is organized around the results of a benchmark that took place in 2003 (the website of the challenge is still active: and whose results were discussed at the NIPS 2003 workshop on feature extraction: Dozens of research groups competed on five large feature selection problems from various application domains: medical diagnosis, text processing, drug discovery, and handwriting recognition. The results of this effort pave the way to a new generation of methods capable of analyzing data tables with million of lines and/or columns. This book is a step towards validating, unifying, and formalizing approaches. The data and sample code with useful baseline methods implemented in Matlab are available as a single big archive ( 93 MB). Course material is also available: The introduction chapter is downloadable (courtesy of Springer):

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