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Knowledge discovery for ontology construction
Marko Grobelnik and Dunja Mladenić
In: Semantic web technologies: trends and research in ontology-based systems (2006) John Wiley and Sons , Chichester , pp. 9-27.


We can observe that the focus of modern information systems is moving from ‘data-processing’ towards ‘concept-processing’, meaning that the basic unit of processing is less and less is the atomic piece of data and is becoming more a semantic concept which carries an interpretation and exists in a context with other concepts. As mentioned in the previous chapter, an ontology is a structure capturing semantic knowledge about a certain domain by describing relevant concepts and relations between them.... The rest of this Chapter is structured as follows. Section 2.2 provides a brief description of Knowledge Discovery. Section 2.3 gives a definition of the term ontology. Section 2.4 describes the problem of semi-automatic ontology construction. Section 2.5 describes the proposed methodology for semi-automatic ontology construction where the whole process is decomposed into several phases. Section 2.6 describes several Knowledge Discovery methods in the context of the semi-automatic ontology construction phases defined in Section 2.5. Section 2.7 gives a brief overview of the existing work in the area of semi-automatic ontology construction. Section 2.8 concludes the Chapter with discussion.

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