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Using strong shape priors for stereo
Yunda Sun, Pushmeet Kohli, Matthieu Bray and Philip Torr
In: ICVGIP 2006, 13-16 Dec 2006, Madurai, India.


This paper addresses the problem of obtaining an accurate 3D reconstruction from multiple views. Taking inspiration from the recent successes of using strong prior knowledge for image segmentation, we propose a framework for 3D reconstruction which uses such priors to overcome the ambiguity inherent in this problem. Our framework is based on an object-specific Markov Random Field (MRF)[10]. It uses a volumetric scene representation and integrates conventional reconstruction measures such as photo-consistency, surface smoothness and visual hull membership with a strong object-specific prior. Simple parametric models of objects will be used as strong priors in our framework. We will show how parameters of these models can be efficiently estimated by performing inference on the MRF using dynamic graph cuts [7]. This procedure not only gives an accurate object reconstruction, but also provides us with information regarding the pose or state of the object being reconstructed. We will show the results of our method in reconstructing deformable and articulated objects.

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