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Hierarchical Classification: Combining Bayes with SVM
Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, Claudio Gentile and Luca Zaniboni
In: 23rd International Conference on Machine Learning, 25-29 Jun 2006, Pittsburgh, USA.


We study hierarchical classification in the general case when an instance could belong to more than one class node in the underlying taxonomy. Experiments done in previous work showed that a simple hierarchy of Support Vectors Machines (SVM) with a top-down evaluation scheme has a surprisingly good performance on this kind of task. In this paper, we introduce a refined evaluation scheme which turns the hierarchical SVM classifier into an approximator of the Bayes optimal classifier with respect to a simple stochastic model for the labels. Experiments on synthetic datasets, generated according to this stochastic model, show that our refined algorithm outperforms the simple hierarchical SVM. On real-world data, however, the advantage brought by our approach is a bit less clear. We conjecture this is due to a higher noise rate for the training labels in the low levels of the taxonomy.

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