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Image annotation with Photocopain
Mischa M. Tuffield, Stephen Harris, David P. Duplaw, Ajay Chakravarthy, Christopher Brewester, Nicholas Gibbins, Kieron O'Hara, Fabio Ciravegna, Derek Sleeman, Nigel R. Shatbolt and Yorick Wilks
In: Fifteenth World Wide Web Conference (WWW2006), 23-26 May 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Photo annotation is a resource-intensive task, yet is increasingly essential as image archives and personal photo collections grow in size. There is an inherent conflict in the process of describing and archiving personal experiences, because casual users are generally unwilling to expend large amounts of effort on creating the annotations which are required to organise their collections so that they can make best use of them. This paper describes the Photocopain system, a semi-automatic image annotation system which combines information about the context in which a photograph was captured with information from other readily available sources in order to generate outline annotations for that photograph that the user may further extend or amend.

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