PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Semi-supervised Learning by Entropy Minimization
Yves Grandvalet and Yoshua Bengio
In: CAp 2005, 31 May - 03 Jun 2005, Nice, France.


We consider the semi-supervised learning problem, where a decision rule is to be learned from labeled and unlabeled data. In this framework, we motivate minimum entropy regularization, which enables to incorporate unlabeled data in the standard supervised learning. This regularizer can be applied to any model of posterior probabilities. Our approach provides a new motivation for some existing semi-supervised learning algorithms which are particular or limiting instances of minimum entropy regularization. A series of experiments illustrates that the proposed solution benefits from unlabeled data. The method challenges mixture models when the data are sampled from the distribution class spanned by the generative model. The performances are definitely in favor of minimum entropy regularization when generative models are misspecified, and the weighting of unlabeled data provides robustness to the violation of the ``cluster assumption''. Finally, we also illustrate that the method can be far superior to manifold learning in high dimension spaces, and also when the manifolds are generated by moving examples along the discriminating directions.

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