PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Visualization of networks
Vladimir Batagelj
In: COV 2005, 15-19 Nov 2005, Koper, Slovenia.


Network = Graph + Data. The data can be measured or computed/derived from the network. The graph drawing is already well established field with its own conference (started in 1992). In ’traditional’ graph drawing the goal is to produce ’the best’ layout of given graph. SNA (Social Network Analysis) is a part of data analysis. Its goal is to get insight into the structure and characteristics of given network. There is no single answer – usually we are trying to find interesting facts about the network and present them to the users. The visualization is a tool for net- work exploration and for presentation of the final results. This process requires combination of analysis and visualization techniques. Along these lines we are developing (from 1996) Pajek – a program for large networks analysis and vi- sualization SNA deals also with multi-relational, temporal and often large networks. The ’standard’ sheet of paper paradigm is often not appropriate for the amount of information in such networks. We should develop dynamic interactive layouts, introduce new visualization elements to represent typical network substructures, . . . and add some artistic touch to final displays.

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