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Optimization of markers in clothing industry with randomized algorithms
Iztok Fister and Janez Žerovnik
In: 5th World Textile Conference AUTEX 2005 (2005) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Textiles , Maribor , pp. 1062-1066. ISBN 86-435-0709-1


Optimization of markers in clothing industry can be done by optimizing a sequence of markers, i.e. vectors of sizes by design which covers the work order, i.e. a matrix of sizes in corresponding designs. The work order is drawn up by sales department according to customers' agreement. A formal problem of optimization of markers is defined in this article and a local search heuristic algorithm for optimization of markers is proposed. The results on some practical instances show on average more than 25% (in one case even 68%) improvement over the previosly known best solutions.

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