PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction: First International Workshop, MLMI 2004
Samy Bengio and Hervé Bourlard, ed. (2005) Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Volume 3361 . Springer-Verlag , Berlin Heidelberg . ISBN 3-540-24509-X


This book contains a selection of refereed papers presented at the First Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction (MLMI'04), held in Martigny, Switzerland, from June 21-23, 2004. The workshop was organized and sponsored jointly by three European projects, AMI, PASCAL and M4, as well as a Swiss national research network, IM2. It brings together researchers from different communities working around the common theme of advanced machine learning algorithms for processing and structuring multimodal human interaction in meetings. The motivation for creating such forum, which could be perceived as a number of papers from different research disciplines, evolved from an actual need that arose from these projects and the strong motivation of their partners for such a multi-disciplinary workshop. The conference program covered a wide range of areas related to machine learning applied to multimodal interaction - and more specifically to multi-modal meeting processing. These areas included human-human communication modeling, speech and visual processing, multi-modal processing, fusion and fission, multi-modal dialog modeling, human-human interaction modeling, multi-modal data structuring and presentation, multimedia indexing and retrieval, meeting structure analysis, meeting summarizing, multimodal meeting annotation, and machine learning applied to the above.

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