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Integrating Information Extraction, Ontology Learning and Semantic Browsing into Organizational Knowledge Processes
Jose` Iria, Fabio Ciravegna, Philipp Cimiano, Alberto Lavelli, Enrico Motta, Luca Gilardoni and Eddie Moench
In: EKAW 2004 Workshop on Application of Language and Semantic Technologies to support Knowledge Management Processes, 6-8 October, 2004., Whittlebury Hall, UK.


Ontology-based approaches to Knowledge Management promise better access to relevant knowledge by providing a domain-specific vocabulary that is used for describing the contents of knowledge as well as for retrieving that knowledge. Despite the potential benefits, ontology-based approaches require a considerable amount of commitment and expertise in tasks like creating and maintaining ontologies, annotating documents and integrating information. We are studying and implementing a methodology for automating such tasks, which makes use of Information Extraction and Integration, Ontology Learning and Semantic Browsing to effectively acquire, share and reuse knowledge in an organizational setting. Applications of the proposed methodology are under development for knowledge management in the legal domain and in the field of biotechnology.

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