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Ensuring the Usability of a Knee Arthroscopy Simulator
Louise Moody, John Arthur, Alex Zivanovic and Edward Dribble
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 12), Volume vol 98, pp. 241-243, 2004. ISSN 0926-9630


Abstract: There is limited research considering the usability of medical virtual environments. Usability evaluation is an essential validation phase that considers the extent to which a product achieves its specific goals, with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. A four-stage iterative approach is adopted to enhance usability in the development of a knee arthroscopy training system. This process has drawn attention to issues that may impede system usability, for example, non-conformity to platform conventions, and visibility of the system status. The process highlights features that computer scientists can overlook when working closely with a system but that are essential to user acceptance and effective application.

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