PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

A heuristic for computing the domination number of triangulated planar graphs.
Janez Žerovnik and Branko Kaučič
In: IS 2004, 9-15 Oct 2004, Ljubljana, Institut "Jožef Stefan".


A major problem in computer networks is the problem of determining optimal locations of resources. The optimality of a location of a resource may depend on many different objectives. Often this is formulated as a domination problem of some kind. In the paper we study a particular domination problem: finding of minimum domination set on triangulated planar graph by using approximative algorithms. Results of our algorithm are compared against the algorithms of Matheson and Tarjan, depth-first search and classic greedy approach. We show that on the instances tested, on average the best results are provided by our algorithm.

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