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A Coalgebraic Approach to Kleene Algebra with Tests
Hubert Ming Chen and Riccardo Pucella
Theoretical Computer Science Volume 327, Number 1-2, pp. 23-44, 2004.


Kleene Algebra with Tests is an extension of Kleene Algebra, the algebra of regular ex- pressions, which can be used to reason about programs. We develop a coalgebraic theory of Kleene Algebra with Tests, along the lines of the coalgebraic theory of regular expres- sions based on deterministic automata. Since the known automata-theoretic presentation of Kleene Algebra with Tests does not lend itself to a coalgebraic theory, we define a new interpretation of Kleene Algebra with Tests expressions and a corresponding automata- theoretic presentation. One outcome of the theory is a coinductive proof principle, that can be used to establish equivalence of our Kleene Algebra with Tests expressions.

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