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Haptic dancing: human performance at haptic decoding with a vocabulary
Sommer Gentry and Roderick Murray-Smith
In: IEEE International conference on Systems Man and Cybernetics,, Washington, D.C., USA(2003).


The inspiration for this study is the observation that swing dancing involves coordination of actions between two humans that can be accomplished by pure haptic signaling. This study implements a leader- follower dance to be executed between a human and a PHANToM haptic device. The data demonstrate that the participants' understanding of the motion as a ran- dom sequence of known moves informs their following, making this vocabulary-based interaction fundamentally di®erent from closed loop pursuit tracking. This robot leader does not respond to the follower's movement other than to display error from a nominal path. This work is the ¯rst step in an investigation of the successful haptic coordination between dancers, which will inform a subsequent design of a truly interactive robot leader.

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Subjects:User Modelling for Computer Human Interaction
Multimodal Integration
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