PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Muscle Tremor as an Input Mechanism
Steven Strachan and Roderick Murray-Smith
In: UIST 2004, Oct 2004, Santa Fe.


We present the use of human physiological tremor, detected by a linear accelerometer, as a novel form of input for mobile devices. This allows the device to be aware if it is being held in a human hand, and in which posture. It also has security applications, as human tremor characteristics are individual. We describe two simple demonstrations of the use of tremor. One demo uses isometric muscle tremor as a proxy for a pressure sensor, and allows a user to ‘pump up’ an onscreen balloon. The second demo simulates a mobile phone application, using muscle tremor to enable the device to be aware if it is currently held by human hand, and to stop ringing when picked up.

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Subjects:Multimodal Integration
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