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Non-Invasive Brain-Actuated Control of a Mobile Robot by Human EEG
José del R Millán, Frédéric Renkens, Josep Mouriño and Wulfram Gerstner
IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering Volume 51, Number 6, pp. 1026-1033, 2004.


Brain activity recorded non-invasively is sufficient to control a mobile robot if advanced robotics is used in combination with asynchronous EEG analysis and machine learning techniques. Until now brain-actuated control has mainly relied on implanted electrodes, since EEG-based systems have been considered too slow for controlling rapid and complex sequences of movements. We show that two human subjects successfully moved a robot between several rooms by mental control only, using an EEG-based brain-machine interface that recognized three mental states. Mental control was comparable to manual control on the same task with a performance ratio of 0.74.

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Subjects:Brain Computer Interfaces
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Deposited By:José del R Millán
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