PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Effective Transductive Learning via PAC-Bayesian Model Selection
Ran El-Yaniv and Leonid Gerzon
Pattern Recognition Letters Volume 26, Number 13, pp. 2104-2115, 2005.


We study a transductive learning approach based on clustering. In this approach one constructs a diversity of unsupervised models of the unlabeled data using clustering algorithms. These models are then exploited to construct a number of hypotheses using the labeled data and the learner selects an hypothesis that minimizes a transductive PAC-Bayesian error bound, which holds with high probability. Empirical examination of this approach, implemented with spectral clustering, on a suite of benchmark datasets, indicates that the new approach is effective and that on some datasets it significantly outperforms one of the best transductive learning algorithms known today.

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